Chlorine Scavenger untuk RO system

Chlorine Scavenger untuk RO system


Chlorine scavenger untuk RO system digunakan untuk menghilangkan chlorine dalam air umpan RO yang bisa merusak membran

bmSOLUTION RC 841 Chlorine scavenger for RO system :

Superior chlorine removal
•Stabilized formulation
Extremely economical to use

Technical Data Sheet   


bmSolution RC 841 chlorine scavenger is a unique blend of specialty chemicals including

Pyrosulphite base as the main ingredient for use as        chlorine scavenger in Reverse

Osmosis (RO) system, to prevent chlorine attack on RO membrane that can cause

permanent physical membrane damage.



Appearance                   : White to yellowish powder

pH ( 1% Solution)       : 4.0 ± 0.5



bmSolution RC 841 chlorine scavenger is recommended to be diluted to 5% solution

with the feed water or product water of RO system and fed continuously into the RO feed

water line by using the metering pump after the carbon filter.

Periodical cleaning of RO membrane by bmSolution RL 821 is strongly recommended for

optimum RO unit operation.



Recommended dose is around 1 mg/l. Your Behn Meyer representative

will help you with proper control requirements for your specific application.



bmSolution RC 841 Chlorine scavenger should be stored under cool and dry conditions

in a well-ventilated area.



For detailed information on toxicological properties and handling precautions please refer

to the current Material Safety Data Sheet. The MSDS can be obtained from your local

Behn Meyer representative directly.



bmSolution RC 841 Chlorine scavenger is packed in 20 kg box.

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